A poem by kurtvee

human interest story.


a lazy suitcase sitting & staring. im with the walls & window & door. distinterest: this, that & everything else. peak & pit & punch & pull. wear in the brow, age in the teeth. hey vanity! endentate content with the break. interrogative sentence, quick cursory squint. but no.

impulse & terror honeymoon in addling. call it a wash. minute by minute. day by day. then the claw at the wall. that drawling ascension. but maybe.

weighing significance with i’m better off. weighing existence with maybe i’m not.


Author Bio:

born in kansas city missouri. music is & always has, to this point, been my primary medium. i am looking in new directions i.e. words in rhythmic patterns & scribbled displays as such. all of these things have kept me alive. hands & pen & ink & paper. kurtvee.com

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