Three Poems by Ed Go

machine gun 4

ringing pink soars
out the hole
between the crack
& the head
of the moose
in the ingot in
by the fool
hard enough
to walk all eyes in
middle of march
to the sea
side of swell
east of red
wood ending in


machine gun 8

ong nuk naps ack!
who got the gun?
(a shot fired, mirrored
iiiiiiiiiii liars, fore more cops
retired—)& mislaid plans
iiiiiiiiii unmade bands unplayed
as fire werkes lights
brighting skynight
(& more bodies underneath
iiiiiiiiii the unmade bed)
comatized above the bed
wreathed in wreathes under slight
—bloated blight—bleeting, bleeding
red as night / black is sight / bleakest
blakest poison tree / hand
cuffed free
by only three in 93
(& only those who swear by three)

that is not a riddle this
is not a that that stands amidst
the times of hands groping
gripping grabbing
iiiiiiiiigroups of three


machine gun 10

among the monks, rifles
piled in the pit
prepping for the parley
personally prepping the head
of monasterial affairs postpones
his personnel affair two
taking care to
not be there too
powermad the iron
clad soldiers on their air
horses over the somme

ride on antiquarian olive
eaters on clouds ascending


Author Bio:

Ed Go is a former schoolbus driver, exterminator, garbage man, video store clerk, mystery shopper, phone book deliverer, and singer/guitar player in a punk-folk band. He grew up in Massachusetts, Virginia, Alaska, Hawaii and Connecticut and currently lives in New York where he earns a living as a teacher (though he’s still licensed to kill bugs and transport children in the state of Connecticut). His work has appeared in various online and print journals including Underground VoicesBreadcrumbs ScabsBastards and WhoresIn Between Altered States, and The Canary, among others.



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