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Welcome to the new home of Busk.

At its inception, Busk was an online literary journal created by three enterprising college students, each artists in their own right.  Over the course of a couple months the journal brought in a number of high quality submissions which were presented on the main page of the site.  Yet, due to lack of funding, motivation, and the post graduation fracturing of the contingent, Busk fell into internet oblivion.

Now, Busk rises from the interminable quagmire of the internet as a decidedly more flexible space.

At Busk we intend to continue publishing high quality art and literature, including, but not limited to: poetry, photography, drawing, fiction, non-fiction, and painting.

Aside from this, we would also like Busk to serve as a space for intellectual (and base) discourse on any number of topics, again including, but not limited to: literature, music, art, television, athletics, cooking, fermentation, nature, Vegemite and identifying dogs on the street.

At Busk we will provide a home for the buskers out in the streets; those individuals sending their art and ideas out into the ether with no consideration for whether or not anyone wants to hear them.  Our only vague hope is that with the guitar case open in front of our feet, something might fall into it.

Busk happy.


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