What We’re Looking For

At Busk we are looking for content that bends, breaks and shifts the paradigms of traditional art, yet maintains a timeless human quality.  In other words, we want work that makes us think in new, dynamic ways, yet allows us to maintain a feeling of familiarity (a familiarity neither comfortable or uncomfortable).

We want content that makes virtue of pluck and experimental boldness; that adopts and creates new forms and methods of presentation.  Work in the vein of prose poetry, or sculpture constructed of trash and other base detritus.

Go ahead, excite us.

Submission Guidelines

We’re playing it loose and fast at Busk.  Because the new site functions largely as an informal blog, we’re easing up on some of the traditional strictures of journal submission.

We will accept submissions of visual art, poetry, fiction and non-fiction year round.  All submissions should be sent to

Please send poetry, fiction and non-fiction as a Word document.  We would like to maintain a limit of one story or article per submitter and three poems per submitter.  Poems should be consolidated into a single file.  File names should be in the format of Busk.Nameof Submitter.  If Philip Levine were submitting, his submission would appear as Busk.PhilipLevine.

Flash fiction may be treated as poetry.  Thus, you may send three flash fiction pieces in a single submission.  Please let us know if it is flash fiction as opposed to a prose poem so that we can label it as such.

Art should be sent as a JPEG.  Still, you can submit in other file formats.  We’ll let you know whether or not they work should the work be accepted.  For art we will maintain a limit of three images.

Each submission should include a brief one to three sentence author bio.

Please limit submissions to a single genre and only submit to Busk every six months.  We will do our best to respond to your submissions within one month.

We accept simultaneous submissions, but please notify us if you are doing so.  If the work is accepted elsewhere, also notify us immediately.

Previously published work is accepted.  However, it is up to you to check the guidelines of the other publisher.  Please do not submit a previously published piece to Busk if the other publisher will not allow you to.

You will be notified whether your work is or is not accepted.  Should your work not be accepted, please feel free to try again after six months time!

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